Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thurs, Oct 1: Quiz on the Manhattan map and an open notes quiz on the Three cacophonous cities

lower manhattan map
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Bit o' social vocab:

1. cacophonous: a) densely populated b) harshly noisy c) roach-ridden.
2. query: a) question b) queenly c) angry.
3. shibboleth: a) insider's word or phrase b) soap c) shiny.

1. Rudely loud and discordant.
2. A question.
3. An example:
- OMG.
- Also, the educated person's pronunciation of the city of Greenwich.
- In NYC the street called Houston St is not pronounced Houston. It is pronounced "Howston."

Your map may include any 12 items from the following:
- boroughs, rivers, islands, neighborhoods, landmarks.
The open notes quiz covers material on Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC.

Also, apologies to all for misspelling cacophonous on the board today!