Monday, September 28, 2009

Basic research on our quiet neighbor, Canada

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Map quiz Thurs on Manhattan:
1. Sketch the basic shape of Manhattan and include 12 items - in total - from the following:
* rivers
* boroughs
* Central Park, Battery Park
* Harlem
* Columbia U.
* Upper West Side, Upper East Side
* Broadway
* Times Square
* Ground Zero / former WTC
* Wall St financial district

On to a new map, that of Canada -
Place the following on a sketch map of our northern neighbor:
- Canada
- Great Lakes
- Montreal
- Toronto
- Winnipeg
- Victoria
- Nova Scotia
- Vancouver Is.

This week we enter a region entirely mysterious to Americans: Can ada.

Canadians are much more successful, cooler and worthy of our attention than we realize. Because of their controversial public health care system, wealth and successful investments, vibrant cities and cultural richness, we need to know Canada.

Nova Scotia -
We will begin the week with our personal connection to Canada: the Nova Scotians. How well did you learn your lessons on the Acadians when you were in Louisiana studies?

Can you create a graphic story that illustrates the French migration to Canada and the British expulsion of the French from Nova Scotia? Can you briefly bring to life the brothers Iberville and Bienville?

These questions will guide your reading on Canada.
From Vancouver to Montreal: the Canada quiz

1. Canada’s population is about one tenth of the US population, although it is slightly larger than the US in area. T / F
2. An island in Eastern Canada came under British rule with the Treaty of Utrecht (1713). This resulted in a serious change in the population of a) Nova Scotia b) Quebec c) Massachusetts
d) Montreal.
3. Canadians often speak 2 languages, owing to their nation’s ethnicity: a) English & German b) English & French c) English & Inuit d) English & Canadianne.
4. Born and raised in Montreal: a) Michael Cera
b) Sieur d’Iberville c) Beausoleil d) Celine Dion.
5. The French who were born in Louisiana colony were called a) Creoles b) Acadiennes c) Cajuns d) Gumbo.
6. Between their impoverished life in Western France and their impoverished life as pioneers in Louisiana, the French colonists spent about 150 years in a) the Caribbean b) British Columbia c) Toronto d) Acadia.
7. Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier founded a) Canadian Waste Disposals Systems b) Cirque de Soleil c) the rock band Rush d) Quebec City.
8. The nation’s capital: a) Quebec b) Montreal c) Ottowa
d) Toronto.
9. The Great Lakes connect to the Atlantic via the
a) Illinois-Michigan Canal b) Erie Canal c) Niagra Falls
d) St Lawrence River.
10. Part of Canada is an archipelago. T / F
11. “Canada is also geologically active, having many earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes,” says Wikipedia. This would refer to __ Canada. a) Eastern b) Western c) Northern d) Southern
12. The coordinates are 45N, 73W: a) Toronto b) Winnipeg c) Detroit d) Montreal.
13. Land area: which is larger, the US or Canada?