Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island

Manhattan Map
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* 12 pt. Illustrated Timeline project
Due Thurs.
Timeline of immigration. The story of immigrants arriving in NYC is the story of America's growth.
- Choose 5 ethnic groups
- Order them acc. to immigration history.
- Colorful graphic to symbolize each group.
- Bulleted explanations of when and why they came and what occupations they typically found after arrival.
- Titles.
- Documentation.
- Map of NYC's 5 boroughs.
Chooose from:
- Chinese
- English
- Italians
- African-Americans
- Russians/Jews
- Dutch
- Germans
- Hispanics
- Algonquins

Also on Thurs:
a) NYC map quiz. 12 items.
b) Open notes quiz. 11 mult-choice questions.

* Manhattan's notable neighborhoods.
- Wealthy: Upper West Side and Upper East Side, Greenwich Village.
- Ethnic: Chinatown, Little Italy, Lower East Side, Harlem.
- Bohemian / artsy: Soho, Tribeca, East Village.

* Notable New Yorkers
- Peter Minuit
- Andrew Carnegie, WK Vanderbilt, JD Rockefeller.
- How the Other Half Lives; Jacob Riis.
- Louis Armstrong / The Cotton Club

* Notable architecture
- Flatiron Bldg.
- Chrysler Bldg.
- Empire State Bldg.
- Rockefeller Center

Indie work this week -
* Read, research and write a comparison essay on one of these -

- Irving Berlin & Sam Goldwyn
- Leonard Bernstein and Andy Warhol
- Jackson Pollock and Romare Bearden
- JD Rockefeller and Jacob Riis