Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooking / cuisine guidelines for geography class

A taste of foreign culture in geography class: Magnet principal Ms Mary Rounds extends an exception to classes where needed for academic purpose. Otherwise, Caddo guidelines call for no food in the classrooms.

Ms Rounds' guidelines for study-related food at school require us to have parent permission. And ingredients for a dish must be seen by all students.

My guidelines include -
* a dish that is easy to serve; a cold dish.
* ingredients that expand student tastebuds a bit; not something that is commonly consumed.
* that each student have participated in the making of the dish. Having the help of an adult or other student is certainly sensible, but students must take a part in the preparation.
* printed explantion of ingredients is mandatory; please additonally include the source of the recipe and its place in the culture.
* present a sample, not a large portion; you are not trying to fill everyone's belly.
* that we are scrupulously neat in serving and clean up.