Sunday, October 23, 2005

Independent work: pistachios and almonds

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In a photo from an Israeli market we see two of the nuts associated with the Mid East, pistachios and almonds.

Pistachios grown in California originated from seed stock carefully chosen in the 1920's from trees in Iran (aka Persia), acc to the California Pistachio Commission web site. Pistachios were a royal nut in the Mid East, says the site, and are cultivated near deserts.

Almonds are associated with Egyptian and Palestinian Biblical history, acc to a history written by a California grower. Historic literature connects them with the Silk Road, so their ultimate origin probably lies in China.

Research and compare these famous products in an essay - guided by your blue sheet on essay writing.

Dates were available in my Brookshires produce section - near the almonds and pistachios - this week, so I'm enjoying them as a snack. I think you'll find them easy to enjoy.

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