Monday, October 31, 2005

Middle Eastern tradition: waterpipe called a shisha or hookah

hookah bar
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The process whereby the smoke is pulled through water in the traditional (they smoke fruit-flavored tobacco) shisha, or hookah, is a mystery to me. Is the working of a hookah worthy of investigation as a science project?

Above, a traveler's photo of a hookah room in Luxor, Egypt. Smoking a shisha is an after-meal or tea-time custom in much of the Mid East.

Thursday's quiz:
* Hand-drawn map of Israel and neighbors.
* Mult-choice on Osama bin Laden.

* Halloween: Celtic, Druid customs as observed among the ancient Irish.
* Dia de los Muertos, Mexico's "Day of the Dead."
* arabesque: mtifs in art as created by Arabic artists. Mostly they are
- vine-like, flowing
- geometric
* faux: "false"
* faux pas: social blunder.

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