Friday, October 21, 2005

Report cards distributed Friday, Oct 21, at CMHS

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Ist 9wks reports are a snapshot of your average as of Oct 14. They are a diagnostic tool. They're a wake-up call for many.

The yellow sheets were distributed at CMHS Friday - unless you have an outstanding school debt.

In this geo class you can affect your grade in several ways:
* print out these web site notes before tests to have in addition to your in-class notes.
* follow the blue sheet Essay Guidelines in all your writing.
* hand in one independent essay per week.
* attend the after-school (3:40 - 4:10) Writers' Workshop on Wednesdays.
* analyze your test results by comparing your papers - once returned - with the test printed on this web site.
* work hard this semester. For most students, most of the time, the second semester brings a certain fatigue and lowered output.

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