Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Slightly different map of SW Asia for a hand-sketched map quiz

gulf of aquaba
Originally uploaded by nature adrift.
Sketch borders and use 15 labels as Identifications on a map of SW Asia Th, Oct 20 . . .
* Red Sea, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea
* Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan,
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen
* Jerusalem, Damascus, Cairo, Medina, Mecca, Baghdad, Tehran, Beirut

Also, have notes ready for a 15-item mult-choice quiz mostly on Islam.

Why is Aqaba, Israel, such a strategic town?

Observe the Africans in Lawrence of Arabia:
* African men are seen in the background near Prince Feisal and Sherif Ali.
* The Prophet Muhammad's inner circle included 2 African men: Mihja and Bilal ibn Ribah (an Ethiopian).


map of Shreveport:
* Silver Lake, once on the SW corner of downtown; the Times building is at 222 Lake St. Prevented development from moving in the direction of Stoner Hill neighborhood.
* Bayou Pierre, which runs parallel to the Red River, grew to be a significant waterway during the time the Red was clogged with the Great Raft.
* Betty Virginia Park was once a lake. The spring-fed lake was connected by bayous to the Red R. Boats once docked aside Trabue Hill.
* Changes in the park's playground might be traced to our litigious society. To litigate is to sue, or to use the courts to file a suit.

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