Friday, October 14, 2005

Medieval Times: the extent of the Islamic empire

From Spain to Pakistan, the 8th century Muslim soldiers mounted upon camels and swift Arabian steeds conquered and administered an empire.

Students must know the extent of this map, which they sketched 10/14.
Symbols on the map were the sword-wielding warrior on camel or Arabian horse. The most significant region of their conquest was southern Europe: Espana. Muslim soldiers crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in 711 AD.

Classroom project to be completed at home and ready Mon, Oct 17:

Annotated timeline of the Monotheist religions of SW Asia
* Judaism, Christinaity, Islam
* Include symbols (menorah, crescent moon & star, cross & orb) and color.
* Brief notes, such as the 5 Pillars of Islam.
* Brief map of the Med - Persian Gulf region.

Bonus credit suggestions:
* Detailed thank you email note to Islamic guest speakers . . .
Nadine /
Dana /
Fatima /
Ahmad /

Your points will come from telling them specifically what you learned from them.

* Research and compare the planning and execution of the Erie Canal with the advent of Islam and the creation of an Islamic empire.

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