Monday, October 17, 2005

Point sheets out Mon, Oct 17, in advance of report cards

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Point sheets that bring parents and students up to date in geo class are being distributed to students today.

Th, Oct 20:

* Hand-sketched map quiz on SW Asia, Istanbul to Tehran.
* Multiple-choice, open notes quiz mostly on Islam.

Today's notes:
* the Great Mosque of Mecca:
- towering minarets, open interior.
- room for some 10,000 worshippers.
- the Kaaba is the cube-shaped building in the mosque that is the center of worship. The Kaaba is covered with a black silk drape. Silver and gold threads are used in the drape's calligraphy.
- in one corner of the Kaaba is the silver-encased Black Stone. It is a symbol for God's connection with the Arabian peoples.
- Non-Muslims are forbidden to enter the holy city.
- the Great Mosque is the center of the annual hajj, the pilgrimage to celebrate Islam and the life of Muhammad.

* gamal: Hebrew & Arabic for camel.
* jebel: mountain.
* wadi: dry canyon.
* aquifer: underground water deposit. Aquifers enable us to dig wells in the middle of a desert.

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