Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mon, Oct 31: Halloween Silliness; Fri, Nov 4: Homecoming Treats

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Mon, Oct 31, a thousand people desperate for a break in the academic routine will gather in the gym for an hour of music, peer recognition and deployment of the adolescent art of screaming and stomping. First Years (so-called ninth graders) are encouraged to wear orange - but it is not mandatory. Nor is orange hair.

Costumes are OK as long as they are moderate in nature. After all, many of our students look like costumers every day of the week.

Fri, Nov 4, CMHS celebrates homecoming with an amazing tradition: a 2-hour, on-campus picnic. Clubs make money selling fast food from booths in the quad. From hot dogs and pizza to ChickFila, you will support worthy causes when you buy lunch at the homecoming picnic. To keep CMHS standards alive, I've noticed that the French Club will vend cous-cous, crepes and truffles (surely chocolate truffles, wouldn't you say?).

Traditionally, the SGA brings in a commercial, inflatable slide and sparring ring and such activities. Dress for a day on the grass, I'd recommend.

Please do Not plan on ordering a lunch delivery or inviting friends to CMHS. The picnic tradition is safe and effective when we restrict the fun to the Magnet population.

Next Thursday:
hand-sketched map of Israel and neighbors. 20 pts.

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