Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Israel: Land of the Bible; Land of Violent Struggle

Identifications to know for this geo class:

Sea of Galilee
Tel Aviv
West Bank, disputed region (see atlas)
River Jordan
Dead Sea
And all neighboring nations, the Red Sea, the Med.

Thursday Quiz:
1. Hand-sketched map of the Old City, Jerusalem (5 pts.)
2. Brief comparison essay; choose one topic ...
* Mecca and Jerusalem
* Great Mosque of Mecca and Dome of the Rock
* Use class notes.

* Jewish communities:
Liberal, Reformed, Orthodox. Also, secular, or non-religious, Jews.
* Which group would observe the ancient dietary restrictions called Kosher? Orthodox; some Reformed.
* Orthodox means whatever is commonly accepted. But the Jewish Orthodox refers to a strictly conservative view point.
* Not all Arabs are Muslims. Nor are all Muslims Arabs.


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