Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Osama bin Laden bio project due Tuesday, Oct 25

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Create a timeline biography of Osama bin Laden around the following
* photo of Osama
* map of Saudi Arabia
* map of Afghanistan
* map of Pakistan
* photo of Ayman al-Zawahiri
* the late King Fahd of saudi Arabia
* 6 brief notes on the life of Osama.
* 3 sources / titling
10 pts.
Due Tues, Oct 25
complete on computer or with scissors and glue.


ululating, to ululate: warbling, high-pitched scream of approval common to SW Asia and N Africa. Most frequently practiced by women, it is an alternative to clapping.

Independent work . . .

* Research and compare the lives of Osama and Lawrence. Do not base your Lawrence material on the movie, even though it is a fact-based work. Use an encyclopedia for Lawrence's life. You will deepend your knowledge ina smart way. Remember, such essays don't have to be elngthy to get maximum points. Follow the blue sheet on essay guidelines to your golden fate.
* Research and compare characteristics of the Damascus steel sword blade and the blade technology of Toledo, Spain.


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