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NYC unit, week of Oct 3: presentations, map, comparisons

Parallel Lines
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Thursday, Oct 6, hand-sketched map quiz (20 pts):
* 15 identifications (see earlier post or your notebook)
* basic borders between the islands.

Brief essay comparing NYC and New Orleans.

Digital presentations on NYC topics are worth 15 pts. Late fee: 2 pts.
They were largely created last week in the library in duos. Students were to complete them at home, at the nerighborhood library or in the library at lunch. By the way, families without a copy of Powerpoint on their computers should strongly consider getting it. I've found Ppt 2003 on for $112 and on for $80. There's no particular reason to get the latest version, I've read.

Guidelines for presentations -
* Voice at an adequate volume.
* Diction and grammar.
* Look at the audience, not at the monitor screen. Use notes. But be enthusiastic.
* The printed material on the screen is brief. In your remarks, add detail and expand upon your topic.

Guidelines for presentation assembly -
* info delivered in brief phrases (max of 3 bulleted items).
* photo in background of each slide.
* effective contrast, font and size of type.
* comparison slide.
* bibliography slide (at least 2 sources for print material, one for photos).
* title slide should include facts.

Human migration is spotlighted by NYC and Ellis Island. We will examine patterns of immigration via NYC history.

History-based comparison of NYC to New Orleans:
* date of founding
* resources
* ethnic cultures
* early development
* problems
* economic pillars
* cultural development

Wed after school: Writers' Workshop in C-4 from 3:40m to 4:10. Small group attention. Bonus points to be earned!

Bonus topics this week:
* Research and compare the history of Harlem and Manhattan's Lower East Side.
* Research and compare the construction of Rockefeller Center and the WTC.
* Research and compare the Manhattan neighborhoods SoHo and Greenwich Village.

October was the eighth month under an early calendar. A revised calendar about 1500 AD moved October to the tenth month. The calendars? a) Gregorian b) Julian c) Olympian.

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