Sunday, October 12, 2008

1. Gather donations 2. Buy crepe myrtles 3. Plant them 4. Enjoy their growth

In spades
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The Class of 2012 has the opportunity to add a great deal of beauty to the campus by planting crepe myrtles on the north side of the campus. It gets you out of class, too.

The thing to do is
a) Donate as much $ as you can. Parents can send checks payable to Cmhs.
b) A parent will help by purchasing the trees.
c) Bring shovels to school for bonus points.
d) Have a planting day.
e) Pray for rain.
f) Enjoy the growth - the beauty will affect the city as well as the Cmhs community.

Your class officers, Tim, Lexi, Cici and Heather, will lead the fund-raising and planning.

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