Friday, October 24, 2008

Tijuana to Sao Paulo quiz / Trudeau

Tijuana to Sao Paulo quiz / Trudeau

1. Name the nation discovered for the Europeans by a gentleman named Vasco da Gama, not Christopher Columbus: a) Brazil b) Mexico c) Venezuela d) Costa Rica.
2. Word which describes the Amerindians: a) indigenous
b) creoles c) noble savages d) colonists.
3. Which is the most effective nation in association football? a) Mexico b) Brazil c) Venezuela d) Argentina.
4. Cattle ranching and agriculture, logging, mining, oil and gas extraction, over-fishing, expansion of urban centers, wildlife trade, fire, climate change, water contamination, and invasive species are a threat to which nation? a) Mexico b) Brazil c) Venezuela d) Argentina.
5. Both Mexico and Brazil’s economies have been aided by the North American Free Trade Agreement, aka NAFTA. T / F
6. The US states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and parts of Colorado and Wyoming were once part of Mexico. T / F
7. When Europeans brought chocolate to the New World in the Columbian Exchange, the kings of Mexico adopted it as a royal drink. T / F
8. The Mayans lived around the site of today’s Mexico City and were defeated by the Spanish under Cortez. T / F
9. Associated with the storms caused by the climate phenomenon called El Nino: a) Equatorial current
b) California current c) Gulf Stream d) Canary current.
10. Capoeira is a Mexican art form that integrates martial arts, games and dance, says Wikipedia. T / F

Constructed response answer - choose one topic:
a) Cite 2 factors in a comparison of Mexico and Brazil that might indicate which nation’s economy will be have the strongest economy a decade from now. Be specific; use statistics in each case.
b) Cite 3 ways in which Americans benefit from Mexico. Be specific.

Remember -
- Explosive opening.
- Title that has two levels and is dangerous.
- Documentation: “... says geography teacher Robert Trudeau,” or other appropriate source.

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