Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few words about the Hippie ethic

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Hippie day is a fun costume occasion for you but an opportunity for me to explain the countercultural philosophy born in the late 60's.

a) DIY ethic, or Do It Yourself style. An example would be tie-dyed T-shirts.
b) Non-materialist: forget the big house and fancy car; live in a log cabin or teepee and drive a self-repaired vehicle. Sew your own clothing.
c) Non-conformist: as in a guitar or vehicle painted in floral designs and bright colors. Also, don't try to straighten your wavy or wiry hair. Let it grow naturally and embrace the curliness.
d) Back to the land: buy some country acreage with a communal group of partners. Make a garden. Grow your own.
e) Go organic; avoid the fast-food culture and preservative-filled foods.
d) Hippies looked like war protestors but were basically apolitical, which means not concerned at all with politics.
e) Native American influence. Beads, feathers, long skirts, fringed leather, etc. etc.

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