Friday, October 10, 2008

Fri: Map of Mexico and a Caribbean thread . . .

"Mexicans are Americans," is what I've learned from visiting our southern neighbor. Therefore we are united as Americans. They refer to the people of the US as "Norte Americanos."

On the map:
Population: about one-third the US population.

2 great cities:
- Mexico, DF (Distrito Federale, like Wash, DC)
- Guadalajara

2 states:
- Chihuahua, in the north
- tabasco, in the Gulf south

2 Yucatan resorts?
- Cancun
- Cozumel

2 bodies of water around the Yucatan?
- Gulf of Mexico
- Caribbean

Why is Caribbean water typically clear and, thus, so appealing?
- coral filters the water.

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