Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brazil and Mexico: a geography class presentation project

Flag of Brazil
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Comparing Mexico and Brazil

Create a 10-slide powerpoint presentation based on
the possibilities in this list. You may focus entirely on Mexico, or on Brazil. Or, if you are an advanced student, you may create a comparison project.

- Each slide must be based on a high-resolution image.
- Info on slides must be Very brief, bulleted material.
- There will be no narration, therefore each slide must be self-explanatory.
- Sources must be cited in slide 10.
- Titling must be offered on slide 1.
- No transitions or animated type, please.
- Each project must include 2 examples of the nation’s relationship with the US.

1. Type of government
2. demographics: national population, top 3 urban pops.
3. national language (s)
4. colonial nations who were in control
5. GDP (gross domestic product) per capita (per person), a measurement of the nation’s wealth
6. indigenous peoples (2)
7. resources exploited by colonial powers
8. major topographical features (2)
9. major exports (3)
10. natural resources (3)
11. types of national music (2)
12. festival(s)
13. sports (2)
14. leaders of European discoveries
15. 2 examples of its relationship with the US
16. map with 3 most populous cities on their sites
17. list of neighboring nations
18. Eco-regions (2)
19. biodiversity (3)
20. wildlife (5)
21. indigenous foods
22. tourism

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