Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Notes on the text book and Canada

Flying downtown Montreal
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One of our themes in geography class is Think big! Take risks!

In what ways do we see this theme in our textbook reading (pp 167 - 183) and notes on Canada?

a) Locks & dams being built between the Great lakes to form a continuous waterway.
b) Vote in Quebec as to whether to secede.
c) Nafta! The N. Amer Free Trade Agreement!!

Questions on these basic notes to be added to the Canada map quiz on Tues.

Visual symbols of the US?
- Statue of Liberty? Flag? - Barbie doll? - Elvis? - Cowboy hat and saddle? - McDonalds - $ ? - NYSE? - Michael Phelps!

Visual symbol for Canada?
- Three Days Grace / Birthday Massacre / rock bands
- Rush / Randy Bachman / Celine Dion
- a moose
- Royal Canadian Mounted Police
- Maple leaf?
- Hockey player
- Gymnast?

“American woman:” classic rock asserting Canadian independence from American interests. “American woman, stay away from me ...”

What would it take to move to Canada? We would assume that immigration is fairly easy. Their open attitude toward migrants is one of Canada's strengths, imho.

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