Friday, October 17, 2008

Quiz on recent 9 weeks material called Norte Americanos

Norte Americanos / Trudeau
1. Which nation is more distorted on a Mercator projection map? a) Brazil b) Argentina.
2. Greenwich, England, is home to the a) equator b) prime meridian c) oldest section of London d) the Earl of Sandwich.
3. One of these men was a cartographer: a) Vespucci
b) diCaprio c) Columbus d) McNally.
4. Parallels are lines of a) latitude or b) longitude.
5. A mountain range splits this city: a) NYC b) Los Angeles c) Chicago.
6. Barrack Obama’s political home: a) NYC b) Los Angeles c) Chicago.
7. Prime meridian: a) latitude b) longitude.
8. Latitude and longitude of Shreveport: a) 32N, 94E
b) 32E, 94N c) 32S, 94N d) 32N, 94W.
9. Prat Industries is the company behind Shreveport’s new recycling program. Their main business is recycling
a) paper b) wood c) plastics d) glass products.
Match a famous city with each of these coordinates:
10. 34N, 118W a) Boston b) Manila, Philippines c) Madrid, Spain d) Los Angeles
11. 19N, 99W a) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil b) Mecca, Saudi Arabia c) Mexico City
12. 22N, 115E a) Beijing, China b) Hong Kong, China c) Sydney, Australia
13. Louisiana finds itself most definitely in the __ climate type. a) Mediterranean b) Tropical wet & dry
c) Humid continental d) Humid subtropical.
14. The deposit of sediment by the Mississippi River, which keeps the land healthy via distribution of alluvial soil, was altered by the construction of __. a) canals b) bridges c) levees d) dams.

15. The French who were born in Louisiana colony were called a) Creoles b) Acadians c) Cajuns d) Gumbo.
16. Between their impoverished life in Western France and their impoverished life as pioneers in Louisiana, the French colonists spent about 150 years in a) the Caribbean b) British Columbia c) Toronto d) Acadia.
17. Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gather founded a) Canadian Waste Disposals Systems b) Cirque de Soleil c) the rock band Rush d) Quebec City.
18. The nation’s capital: a) Quebec b) Montreal c) Ottawa
d) Toronto.
19. Name for a bay in which the fresh water meets the salt water and wildlife and fish life is incubated: a) estuary b) delta c) sound d) strait .
20. Buenos Aires, Argentina a) 35N, 59E b) 35S, 59E c) 35S, 59W

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