Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mesoamerica quiz for geographarians

1. Indigenous people of the Yucatan: a) Aztec b) Maya
c) Guatemalans d) Mexican tribal peoples.
2. Inasmuch as the Mayans created an effective calendar for Mesoamerican (meso: “middle” America) peoples, we can say they must have been competent at a) astrology b) math c) language d) agriculture.
3. International success in Association football, aka soccer, is an achievement of a) Mexico b) Brazil c) Venezuela d) Argentina.
4. Central and South America are regions united by the usage of one great language: Spanish. T / F
5. Both Mexico and Brazil’s economies have been directly enhanced by the North American Free Trade Agreement, aka NAFTA. T / F
6. Chichen Itza is a notable element of the Mayan culture. It is equivalent to . . . a) Caribbean b) Cuba c) Paris d) Rocky Mountains.
7. Closest to the Yucatan peninsula: a) Jamaica b) Haiti
c) Bahamas d) Cuba.
8. Port-au-Prince is the capital of a) Jamaica b) Haiti
c) Bahamas d) Cuba.
9. Carnaval is a fabulous celebration in the nation of a) Mexico b) Brazil c) Venezuela d) Argentina.
10. While Cuba is communist, at least the islands of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Haiti are controlled by the US. T / F
11. The Caribbean names St Croix and Basse-Terre indicate that among the Caribbean colonial powers were the a) Spanish b) Italian c) English d) French.
12. Russia is a member of the petroleum-controlling association of nations called OPEC. T / F
13. Among the G7 nations, the elite of the current world, we will find a) Nigeria b) Brazil c) Saudi Arabia d) Canada.
14. When chocolate was brought to the Old World in the Columbian Exchange, the kings of Europe adopted it as a royal drink. T / F
15. Associated with the storms caused by the climate phenomenon called El Nino: a) Equatorial current b) California current c) Gulf Stream d) Canary current.
16. Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a celebration associated with the a) Cubans b) Haitians c) Mexicans d) Brazilians.

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