Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The California Map Project - test your peers and family

California Kacie
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Evaluating your ability to teach the landmarks of California -

- Make 5 copies of the map of California on 5 pages in your notebook.
- Add 12 lines to the map in the places where you expect your pupil to add identifications.
- Place a word bank on the side of the page.
a) Let them take a pre-test. How much do they know about the map without review?
b) Use your atlas to bring them up to speed on the landmarks.
c) Let them have another shot at filling in the blanks.
d) Score them.
e) Get their signature and their brief profile (ex: father of 3, age 45, minister).

15 pts. Due in the last class of next week.

4 neighbors
4 cities
high tech region