Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tectonica: last week's quiz and the source of the answers

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The multiple-choice, open notes quiz Tectonica was designed to be answered using the print-out of recent notes and the by re-reading material that we'd reviewed in the textbook while doing the Tectonics Graphics Project.

1. The adversary system is one in which governmental groups aid each other in getting their tasks completed. T / F
2. A person who is friendly and has a lot in common with you may be described as __ . a) patriarchal b) sympatico c) onomatopoeic d) muy bonita.
3. Pratt Industries is an awesome company that operates paper mills and recycling plants. Additionally, it manufactures commodities including "lighting, electronics, glass and communications." T / F
4. Tarshar, chief of the Caddo, had an ally (friend and supporter) in the 1835 negotiations with the US government. He was a) Larkin Edwards b) William B Stoner c) Henry Miller Shreve d) John Coates.
5. Watching the tracking info that shows the shipment of an Apple computer as it journeys on ship from Shanghai, China, to the port of Los Angeles. a) Ring of Fire b) subduction c) faulting d) spreading.
6. The mid-Atlantic ridge: a) converging b) subduction c) faulting d) spreading.
7. What is happening on the Western side of South America where the Nazca Plate is meeting the South American Plate: a) converging b) subduction c) faulting d) spreading.
8. These places are considered desirable despite the threat of earthquakes and volcanoes: Southern California, Japan and a European nation: a) England b) Italy c) Spain d) France.
9. What kind of crust might include anchovies (fish preserved in brine)? a) oceanic crust b) continental crust c) subductional crust d) Arabian crust.
10. Iron mixed with nickel: a) core b) crust c) mantle d) nucleus.
11. Includes solid and pliable material as well as magma. a) core b) crust c) mantle d) nucleus.
12. Similar in direction of movement to the Indo-Australian Plate: a) Eurasian plate b) African Plate c) Arabian Plate d) South American Plate.
13. The earth's plates move because of force generated by : a) subduction b) convection c) faulting d) spreading.
14. The textbook says, in effect, that human population is growing fastest around the Pacific Plate. T / F
15. The Tectonic Plate Boundaries Map, p. 43, demonstrates that earthquake zones are more common in the Northern Hemisphere as well as in the Western Hemisphere. T / F
16. The length of the San Andreas Fault is approximately a) 350 b) 550 c) 750 d) 1,150 miles.

1. False. See WG (World Geography, a Global Prespective); an adversary is your opponent.
2. Sympatico. Class notes; MT (MondoTrudeau).
3. False. MT. And logic.
4. Larkin Edwards. MT.
5. Ring of Fire=the Pacific rim. None of the tectonic terms made sense.
6. Spreading. WG.
7. Subduction. WG.
8. Italy. WG.
9. Oceanic crust. For fun.
10. Core. WG.
11. Mantle. WG.
12. Arabian Plate. WG.
13. Convection. WG.
14. True. WG and MT.
15. False. Northern and Eastern Hemisphere. WG.
16. 750 miles. WG and MT.