Friday, September 03, 2010

Indie work (independent): building bonus points and raising the average in geography / Trudeau

How to excel in geography class - and at Magnet

Trudeau's web site notes print-out

High school is a game. Suss each teacher's game rules and you'll feel better and better. You will find that each instructor has particular priorities and patterns. Eventually will be able to sense and anticipate how to excel under each teacher.

Students under Robert Trudeau:

1. Slow down as you read and research the answers on the quizzes. Focus. Work on the accuracy of your reading.
Have a print-out of your web site notes. Use a highlighter. Read the web site entries every night.

2. Do Indie Work, aka bonus credit work. Each week I'll put topics on MondoTrudeau that will allow you to find a good assignment. The comparison essays you write will be not be easy to compose, but you will earn important points. Indie work must be submitted via GoogleDocs.
See the essay guidelines under Comparison Essays.

3. Tutoring via after-school time or via email. If you would like extra help, I will be happy to explain and to guide you. Thursday and Fridays are good days for me to work with you. Drop me a line at to set a day.

This week's indie work:

In a brief essay (about 1 page, doublespaced, typed, sent via email) compare
Shreveport to Bossier City, mostly on their demographics (statistics) and history.
Cite a source.