Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Reviewing the 5 Themes of Geography

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The 5 Themes of Geography include

- Location, both relative location and absolute location.
- Place, including physical characteristics of place and human characteristics of place.
- Human-environment interaction, comprising human adaptation to the environment, human modification of the environment, and human dependency on the environment.
- Movement, which includes movement of people, movement of goods and movement of ideas.
- Regions, subdivided into formal regions, functional regions and vernacular regions.

Review quiz
Which item of the 5 Themes is indicated by
1. Shreveport's humid climate.
2. Tax incentives (rewards) for movie production in Shreveport.
3. The Gulf Coastal Plain includes Shreveport.
4. Shreveport's indigenous people were expelled around 1835.
5. Shreveport is some 300 miles north of New Orleans.
6. The Fant Parkway was built alongside the Red River in the 1970's.
7. People in the media sometime refer to this area as "S-B Land."
8. Hispanic people comprise (make up) about 2% of the population.
9. Eldorado and Sam's Town are casinos (casino means "house" in Italian) that were added to the Shreveport side of the Red River.
10. Water from the Red River can be purified for use as a municipal (having to do with a city) water supply.

The S-B map:
1. Name the curving, NW to SE thoroughfare (area where things are moved).
2. Name the principal N-S conveyance (area where things are moved).
3. Spt's downtown buildings are north of I-20. T/F
4. Magnet is across the red from a major institution in Bossier:
a) La Boardwalk b) Diamond Jacks / Isle of Capri Casino c) Barksdale Air Force Base.
5. I-20 is basically a highway that carries traffic a) East-West b) North-South c) NW - SE across the US.

1. Human-Environment adaptation
2. Movement of ideas and goods.
3. Place / physical characteristics.
4. Movement of people.
5. Location, relative.
6. Human-environment modification.
7. Regions, vernacular.
8. Place, human characteristics.
9. Human-environment modification.
10. Human-environment dependency.