Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cyberbullying an issue in Upfront magazine: "Technology and the law"

Magnet computer lab, B3
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Students have read the article "Technology and the law" in Upfront magazine.

Discussion touched on cyberbullying. Students were divided as to whether a law would help ameliorate the lives of students who were attacked.

The nature of democracy was observed. Democratic decision-making is a lengthy process, accompanied by much debate.

The adversary system of US government was introduced. A struggle between liberals and conservatives is normal and healthy under the adversary system. Also acting as adversaries some of the time are the 3 branches of govt: the legislative, executive and judicial. The 3 branches check, or stop, and balance each other.

From the Greek: demo, "the people" and cracy, "rule by."

See a digital version of the magazine online. .