Sunday, September 19, 2010

World geography project: what's inside Spaceship earth

a) layers of paper and with
b) color, create an
c) annotated (well-identified by easy-to-read labels) representation of these elements of Spaceship Earth.

Your image will be based on these illustrations in World Geo: the Tectonic Plate Boundaries map, p 43, and The Earth's Layers graphic, p 41.

- N Amer Plate
- S Amer Plate
- African Plate
- Eurasian Plate
- Arabian Plate
- Indo-Australian Plate
- Earthquake Zones
- Arrows indicating direction of tectonic forces

- core (esp note nickel, molten)
- mantle (esp see pliable, magma, thickness)
- crust (see both thick and thin)
- watery planet

and add explanations for, from pp. 45 - 47:
- Ring of Fire
- subduction
- spreading
- converging
- faulting

- Original, jazzy title
- Documentation at bottom right.
- Legibility
- Neatness
- Completeness of the identifications.

Scored by end of period.
5 pts.

Quiz on this material on Th/Fri.