Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The glories of the Golden State, California

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Notes on California/Los Angeles/San Andreas fault

Cal: 37M
3rd largest US, pop & area

GDP: 1.5 trillion (Gross Domestic Product, a measurement of a nation';s wealth)
13% of US econ

area larger than Germany

Ag: the Central Valley (which is partly desert)

Sierra Nevada (snowy mtns)

Mt Whitney - highest peak in cont. US
Yosemite Natl Park (Ansel Adams)
Lake Tahoe (tourism)

Over 1/3 state is forested!

megalopolis: when several cities “grow together”
1) SanJose-SanFrancisco-Oakland
pop: 12.9 M

Most pop state 12% of Amers
More Cals than Canadians

One of 3 minority-majority states (others: Hawaii, N Mex)

Spt a minority-majority city:
51% black, 46% white, 2% Asian
(US African-Amer pop 13%)

1) ag 2) aerospace 3) entertainment / tv 4) mfg 5) mining
6) digital services

largest US port: LA / LB

prof sports a major economic force

San Andreas fault:
800 m / SCal
right-lateral strike-slip fault / geological term
ready for the “next big one”
devastation LA to San Diego

Diverse state:
largest Asian-Am in US
140 countries rep in LA
polyglot - many languages

eucalyptus project, California redwoods / n of Marin county.

Note-taking skills: space, brevity, legibility


California quiz answers

1. c) viticulture
2. d) Fullerton
3. a) Google
4. a) East
5. F
6. d) China
7. d) Malibu
8. c) suit prone
9. b) Google
10. T
11. F
12. a) South Korea
13. a) Navy research center
14. d) Oakland
15. a) San Francisco
16. a) 1939
17. c) Xerox
18. F
19. a) the Mojave
20. T