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Athens and the Greeks

2nd best cafe in Athens
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What climate gives restaurateurs the confidence to put table & chairs outside? Mediterranean, as in Athens.

Unit goals in Greek studies -

* How and why democracy as developed by the Greeks becomes the beloved standard for the western world.
* Temples as designed by the Greeks have been a model for the world's most important buildings: churches, libraries, government buildings, monuments, mansions. be able to identify the principal elements thereupon.
* Greek art: how did their sculptors achieve so much realism?
* The Olympics: what is the role of sport and fitness in the ancient Greek society?

It is arguable that Greece's history is more important than the current profile. We will focus on the Golden Age, about 500 BC.
* kronology: Greek empire first, followed by the Roman Empire. The Romans admired the Greeks and borrowed much of their style.

- Mt Olympus and many mountains.
- Athens, Sparta, Olympia
- Aegean Sea, Mediterranean, Black Sea
- Crete & Turkey

Global Influences:
- mathematics - Pythagoras, etc. Greek letters used in math (ex, pi).
- science - Aristotle, father of scienctific inquiry and taxonomy.
- drama - Aristophanes, Thespis, etc. were the first playwrights of the Western world.
- physical education - gymnasium, mandatory exercise.
- music - the lyre; music & math.

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