Monday, March 26, 2007

yup, everyone loves italian girls (you'd think she was from jersey with that shirt!)

Buon giorno: Hello / Good morning/afternoon

Buona sera: Good evening
Buona notte: Good night
Ciao: Hi / Hello / Bye (informal)
Arrivederci: Goodbye

See you later A presto
See you soon A domani
Please Grazie
Thank you (very much) Prego

Sorry Scusi / Scusa

Pretty good. Così così.

Sì: Yes

Di dov'è? Where are you from? (formal) Di dove sei?
Capisce? / Capisci? Do you understand? (formal / informal) [Non] capisco.

Salute! Bless you!
Ti amo. I love you. (informal)
È pazzo! / Sei pazzo! You're crazy! (formal / informal)

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