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Paper Parthenon project - due Monday

Paper Parthenon project
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In the Paper Parthenon project (15 pts) students will demonstrate knowledege of
a) relief sculpture - it rises from the background but remains attached to it. And the concept of relief - the difference between the high and low terrain.
b) basic elements of the principal Greek historic site.

1. Roll small pieces of paper into columns that will be glued to paper (as above) to mimic the temple columns.
2. Fold paper (create relief by adding to the thickness of the paper) in a triangle - called the pediment. The pediment supports the temple roof.
3. Make a wide rectangle that will be glued to the page below the columns to represent the building's base.
4. Identify and label the pediment, Doric columns and base.
4. Optional: Below the pediment create a decorative band called a frieze. It must have a repeated design.
5. On the same page, make a sketch of the acropolis of Athens which shows - in an informal sketch - these elements:
* Parthenon.
* Temple of Athena Nike.
* Amphitheater of Dionysus (god of wine and song)
* the Plaka (plaza), the district similar to the French Quarter - known for historic buildings, food & drink and tourist shops.
6. A small map of Greece with 5 identifications.
7. Four multiple choice questions based on the material above.

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