Monday, March 12, 2007

SPA: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

Closer Photo of Socrates
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Students will demonstrate knowledge of cultural transference and the widespread impact of ideas by these activities.

They will create skits about the lives of three philosophers (one per group) of the Greek golden age.
* Read and answer questions on material from a Young Person's Guide to the Philosophers.
* In groups . . .
- do additional research on the biographies.
- decide on a skit format.
- choose the quotes that will form the skit's dialogue.
- create colorful masks - as in historic Greek drama.
- add scripts to the mask back.
* Present the drama to classmates.

Each skit must have
- at least 2 brief speeches per student.
- 3 references to the geography of Greece.
- references to the conflicts with Sparta and Persia.
- references to Greek architectural terminology.
- character's names must reflect Greek history.

Btw, the statue in this post is in Queens, Astoria, and is part of Socrates Park. A flickr respondent says "Greece plays an important part in Astoria culture. It is the place where many Greeks originally settled when coming to America. Athens Square is on 30th Avenue and 30th Street."

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