Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cinelli Xperience 06: Italians make hot bicycles and love to race them

Cinelli Xperience 2006
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Bianchi, Campagnolo, Cinelli and many more Italian manufacturers create high-quality bicycles.

While Campagnolo does not sell full framed bicycles, they are an integral part of any Italian bicycle purchase as they are the leading manufacturer of bicycle components. Campagnolo components date back to 1933, where they were first created in a small workshop in Vicenza by Campagnolo's founder, ex-racer Tullio Campagnolo.

Among the many accomplishments of Campagnolo are the creation of a quick release mechanism for bicycle wheels and the early advent of the front and rear derailleur. Campagnolo parts are so highly regarded that Campagnolo's proprietary dimensions have, in several cases, become adopted as de facto international standards.

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