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Quiz on Mexico & Brasil

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Quiz / Mexico and Brasil: similarities abound despite the regional differences in Central America and South America

1. In the Great Exchange - the Columbian Exchange - between Europe and the Americas, maize, potatoes, papaya and chile pepper originated in the New World. T / F
2. The Aztecs were dominant on the Yucatan and in Guatemala; the Mayans ruled in Central Mexico. T / F
3. Montezuma defeated Cortez in the 1600’s and the Spanish retreated to Cuba. But the Spanish got what they were seeking: vegetables, grains and fruits never before seen in Europe. T / F
4. European developer or *inventor* of the world wide web: a) Al Gore b) Larry Page c) Sergei Brin d) Tim Berners-Lee.
5. The term fossil fuel indicates that the fuel is a) old as a fossil b) fresh as a newly-extracted fossil c) fossil friendly
d) the Fossil Watch Co. was originally a petroleum business.
6. Amerindians were a) indigenous b) mulattos c) Mestizos d) Spanish-speaking.
7. Creole people might be called a) mestizos b) cilantros
c) palapas d) yerbas.
8. A Mexican city that boasts weather equivalent to year-roung spring and is a bit south of Mexico City: a) Guadalahara b) Coriander c) Cuernavaca d) Veracruz.
9. The Catholic cathedral of Mexico City is built atop a holy __ site. a) Mayan b) Inca c) Aztec d) Nahuatl.
10. Trade winds and the Equatorial Current had a significant impact on the conquistadores of the 1600’s. Today those factors are negligible. T / F

Above: ruins along the Cancun-Cozumel coastline are reminders of the Mayans, not the Aztecs.

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