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Canada and the connections with the US and Louisiana

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Canada and the connections with the US and Louisiana

1. Russia and Alaska: what was the relationship? Russia owned Alaska. They sold it to the US in the mid-1800’s.
It was an example of the US at its best. Think big! Take risks!
2. In what region of Canada do we see the famous Louisiana connection? Eastern Canada: Quebec Province.
2. The French immigrants who would migrate to Louisiana lived on the edge of Canada for how many years?
a) 50 b) 150 c) 500. About 4 generations; some 150 years.
3. Which European group wanted to expel the French colonists? The British won Canadian properties in a war. They renamed the French land called Acadia. The British called it Nova Scotia, or “New Scotland.”
4. The French called the expulsion le grand derangement. That’s similar to which American words? “Deranged” means “Crazy” or “messed up.” The British expelled the French because they were so obnoxious and hard to govern.
5. Were the Frenchmen sent directly to Louisiana? No.
To what locations were they sent? a) the Caribbean islands b) The American colonies c) France.
6. What do we call the earliest French-speaking people to settle in Louisiana? Creole people. The word “creole” referred to the “cry” of a baby born in the New World.
7. Which French group was second to populate the state?
The Acadians, or Acadiennes. Their name was morphed to Cajuns.
8. Which European group was in control of La when the Acadians migrated to the Mississippi? The Spanish.
9. In what region of La did the Acadians settle? In the swampy region distant from New Orleans. They would be isolated for the next 100 years.
10. From which region of France did most of the Acadians originate? From Western France, where the impoverished French were routinely mistreated.
11. Who was the French-Canadian leader who cut a deal with the Spanish to get the Acadians taken to Louisiana? His name was Beausoleil.
12. Who were the 2 brothers from Montreal who won fame by exploring the Gulf coast and establishing the city of Nouvelle Orleans? Mssrs. Iberville and Bienville!

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