Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mississippi River as well as NYC on Thurs open notes quiz

Mississippi River Barge
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Reading comprehension quiz on recent posts: need a couple of sample questions?

1. Constructions called __ aided shipping and helped create dry land from swamp in early New Orleans. a) canals b) bridges c) barges
d) locks.

2. The deposit of sediment by the Mississippi River, which keeps the land healthy via distribution of alluvial soil, was altered by the construction of __. a) canals b) bridges c) levees d) dams.

3. Once thought of as signs of marvelous, money-making activity, these constructions allow men to reach oil and gas wells. Sadly, they also contribute to widespread erosion of the wetlands. a) canals b) levees c) dams d) estuaries.

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