Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Los Angeles notes

Afternoon in Los Angeles
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1. Largest city in the most populous state. a

2. City with Hispanic background. a

3. City in 3rd largest state by area. a

4. The mid-1800’s saw a gold rush near here. a

5. City in most populous state. a

6. Aerospace businesses are a major part of the economy. a

7. Petroleum is a major factor here. a

8. Second largest US city. a

9. Population of about 4 million. a

10. City spread over a 500 square mile area. a

11. Metro population of about 13 million. a

12. Sited in the most populous county in the US. a

13. El Pueblo de Nuestra SeƱora la Reina . . . a

14. Motion picture industry. a
15. Chumash tribal peoples are indigenous. a

16. Juan Rogriguez Cabrillo was a founder. a

17. Portola and Crespi are European developers. a

18. Mulholland’s aqueduct was essential. a

19. Earthquakes! a

20. The only major city that is bisected by a mountain range. a

21. Central river lined in concrete. a

22. Affected, from time to time, by tsunamis. a

23. Mediterranean climate type. a

24. Sage scrub botanical environment, featuring much chapparal. a

25. Built in a basin. a

26. Prone to atmospheric inversions. a

27. Neighborhood known as South Central. a

28. San Fernando Valley. a

29. Venice Beach. a

30. Bel Air neighborhood. a

31. Brentwood neighborhood. a

32. Walt Disney Concert Hall. a

33. The Watts Towers a landmark. a

34. 46% of population is Hispanic. a

35. Largest manufacturing city in US. a

36. USC, the University of Southern California. a

37. Twentieth Century Fox company. a

38. Sunkist. a

39. Warner Brothers, Burbank. a

40. Mattell Toys, home of Barbie. a

41. Rodeo Drive. a

42. The largest Roman Catholic archdiocese in the country. a

43. Home to the greatest variety of Buddhists in the world.

44. Lakers. a

45. Dodgers. a

46. Clippers. a

47. UCLA. a

48. Host city for the World Cup, 1994. a

49. L.A.X. airport. a

50. Port of Long Beach. a

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