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The week of Sept 29 - Oct 3 / Canada: why we know so little about our northern neighbors

vancouver skyline
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Quiz on Thurs: a replay of last week's identifications on NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago. Open notes. About 20 questions.

Map project due Fri (8 pts): the connections between Canada and America.
A one-page, illustrated (4) and colorful graphic message - based on a map of the 2 nations - of the interchange of ideas, goods and personalities between the 2 countries.
- ideas (2): government-supported health care.
- goods (2): Canada is the single largest foreign supplier of energy to the U.S.-- providing 17% of U.S. oil imports and 18% of U.S. natural gas demand.
- people (3): Avril Lavigne, Jim Carrey.
- Titling, sources, major cities and bodies of water.

This week we enter a region entirely mysterious to Americans: Can ada.

Canadians are much more successful, cooler and worthy of our attention than we realize. Because of their controversial public health care system, wealth and successful investments, vibrant cities and cultural richness, we need to know Canada.

Nova Scotia -
We will begin the week with our personal connection to Canada: the Nova Scotians. How well did you learn your lessons on the Acadians when you were in Louisiana studies?

Can you create a story that illustrates the French migration to Canada and the British expulsion of the French from Nova Scotia? Can you briefly bring to life the brothers Iberville and Bienville?

Profiles of three great cities that Americans overlook will be developed in class this week:


Canadian music week - we will play examples of music by writers born in Canada.
Joni Mitchell
Neil Young

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