Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicago's Moving Bridges over the Chicago River

1. Largest city in the American Midwest. c

2. Called the US “Second city.” c

3. Metropolitan population of almost 10 million. c

4. Adjacent to Lake Michigan. c

5. AKA the “Windy City. “ c

6. Founded at the site of a portage between the Great lakes and the Mississippi River. c

7. O’Hare Airport, the nation’s second busiest. c

8. Al Capone & other gangsters ruled here in the 1920’s. c

9. Political home of Barack Obama. c

10. Name means “striped skunk,” or “wild onion.” c

11. First settler was Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable. c

12. Founded in 1837, 2 years after Shreveport. c

13. Illinois and Michigan Canal opened in 1848. c

14. Great Fire of 1871 destroyed one third of the city. c

15. Became a center for jazz in 1920’s. c

16. Sears Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings. c

17. Sited in Cook County. c

18. Humid continental climate type. c

19. City of the The Loop. c

20. Lincoln Park and Millenium Park. c

21. The reflective Cloud Gate sculpture known locally as "The Bean." c

22. The city has been rated as having the most balanced economy in the United States, due to its high level of diversification. c

23.The city is the birthplace of house music. c

24. Navy Pier houses retail, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, and auditoriums. c

25. The ___-style hot dog, typically a Vienna Beef dog loaded with neon green pickle relish, yellow mustard, pickled sport peppers, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear and topped with celery salt. c

26. The Maxwell Street Polish, which is a kielbasa on a hot dog roll, topped with grilled onions, yellow mustard and the optional sport peppers. c

27. The Cubs. c

28. Wrigley Field. c

29. White Sox. c

30. The Bears. c

31. Soldier Field. c

32. The Bulls. c

33. The Blackhawks. c

34. The Fire, the Sting, the Power. c

35. The Oprah Winfrey Show. c

36. The Jerry Springer show. c

37, PRI's This American Life and NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!. c

38. 37% African American population. c

39. Largest white ethnic group are those of German descent. c
40. The largest ethnically Polish population of any city outside of Poland (second only to Warsaw). c

41. The second largest African American population in US.

42. Northwestern University. c

43. The adjacent northern suburb of Evanston. c

44. Hillary Rodham Clinton c

45. Jesse Jackson c

46. Kanye West c

47. Frank Lloyd Wright, architect. c

48. Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. c

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