Thursday, September 25, 2008

Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC: Urban Quiz Bowl guidelines below

hollywood farmers market
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The identifications/questions will be cut into individual strips so they can be drawn at random by a student and read to the contestants.

Divide the class into 5 teams of 5 or 6 or 7 by alpha roll.
Groups 1 and 2 face off and are read, alternately, 31 questions.

A student is chosen to pick the questions at random and hand them to Mrs Hanson to be read.

Alternate the reading: question 1 is read to group 1. Question 2 is read to group 2. Question 3 is read to group 1.

Each team may confer with the classmates in the group and consult their notes before giving their answer.

If a question is not correctly answered by a team, then the other team is given that question.

A student scorekeeper will keep the totals current on the white board with a marker.

The winning team will face the next group. Continue until one group is the victor. Each member of the victorious group gets 3 bonus points.

We didn't get the bailout we needed so as to purchase the Smart Cars as prizes. So it goes.

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