Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toronto, Canada's Michael Cera is huge, dude

Talking about the happening Canadian of the moment? Then it must be Michael Cera.

In a profile in the NY Times - in advance of his new movie, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - we learn, "Mr. Cera grew up in Brampton, Ontario, a bedroom community outside Toronto. But unlike Nick and Norah, who feel the bright-lights pull of Manhattan from New Jersey, Mr. Cera never hoofed it to Toronto for the urban night life. In his young-curmudgeon way he recoiled at the suggestion: “I can’t stand bars. It’s too loud, and I get paranoid with a lot of people around. People are very obnoxious in bars. They try and take your picture. There’s no discretion.”

Both of Mr. Cera’s parents worked for Xerox when he was young. After thriving in a local improv class, he began auditioning for commercials and Canadian television while attending a big public high school. After moving to Los Angeles with his mother, he landed the part of the youngest member of the wealthy Bluth family on the absurdist Fox comedy “Arrested Development.”

“He has a sharp sense of subtlety,” said Jason Bateman, who played his father on that show. “He really trusts that the audience and the camera are watching. The only time I’ve seen directors giving him notes is when they ask him to do more, and it’s usually because that director has a more sophomoric sense of humor than he does.”

Btw, I thought Juno was terrifically entertaining and well written. But that movie doesn't flow with our unit, does it?

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