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US map review . . .

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US map review from work in the textbook:

1. NYC is about twice as populous as Washington, DC.
T / F
2. The principal population centers of the US are in the
a) Upper Mid West b) Deep South c) Northeast
d) Northwest
3. Vancouver and Seattle lie upon the a) Pacific b) Lake Superior c) North Atlantic d) Lake Michigan.
4. Canada is pretty much shaped like an exploding guinea pig. T / F
5. The most centrally-located of the big cities of the US:
a) Denver b) NYC c) Memphis d) Minneapolis.
6. Based upon the elevation map, Shreveport’s elevation must be approximately 1000 ft. T / F
7. Larger in area: a) Rocky Mts. b) Appalachian Mts. c) Mississippi Basin d) Great Plains.
8. Population density seems greater on the Pacific coast than on the Atlantic coast. T / F
9. Louisiana finds itself most definitely in the __ climate type. a) Mediterranean b) Tropical wet & dry
c) Humid continental d) Humid subtropical.

1. false / It's about 3 times bigger.
2. C
3. a
4. true
5. a
6. false / Shreveport's about 300 feet above sea level.
7. a
8. false
9. d / Humid subtropical.

The Mediterranean climate is considered the world's most generally-appealing climate. People will pay more and work more competitively to live in the sunny, dry, moderate Med climate. Example: San Diego and Southern California.

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