Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NYC notes - use on Th open notes quiz / followed by notes on Los Angeles & on Chicago

1. UN headquarters. b

2. Queens. b

3. The most densely populated major city in the United States. b

4. Nineteen point 7 million people. b

5. Nearly 170 languages were spoken in the city and 36% of its population was born outside the United States. b

6. “The city that never sleeps.” b

7. “Gotham.” b

8. The Big Apple. b

9. The capital of the US from 1785 until 1790. b

10. The Harlem Renaissance in literature and visual art. b

11. Abstract expressionism in painting. b

12. Tin Pan Alley music. b

13. Broadway theater. b

14. New Amsterdam. b

15. Algonquian tribe. b

16. The Mohican tribe. b

17. John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press. b

18. Columbia University. b

19. US Bill of Rights. b

20. Erie Canal, 1825. b

21. Draft Riots of 1863. b

22. Subway system, 1904. b

23. Built upon 3 islands. b

24. Battery Park. b

25. Long Island Sound. b

26. Humid subtropical climate. b

27. Chrysler Building. b

28. Brownstone rowhouses. b

29. Prospect Park and Central Park. b

30. The birthplace of rap and hip hop culture. b

31. Coney Island. b

32. Greenwich Village. b

33. Madison Square Garden arena. b

34. Shea Stadium. b

35. The Mets. b

36. JFK International Airport. b

37. Ellis Island. b

38. LaGuardia Airport. b

39. The second largest center for the film industry in the US. b

40. Carnegie Hall. b

41. Metropolitan Museum of Art. b

42. Times Square. b

43. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. b
44. Juilliard School of Music. b

45. Bagels. b

46. Cheesecake. b

47. Time Warner communications. b

48. Wall St Journal. b

49. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox. b

50. Yankees and Mets. b

51. The Rangers. b

52. The Knicks. b

53. Park Avenue. b

54. Rockefeller Center. b

55. Tribeca neighborhood. b

56. Home to the largest Jewish community outside Israel. b

57. The largest African American community of any city in the United States. b

58. The Puerto Rican population is the largest outside of Puerto Rico. b

59. The George Washington Bridge is considered one of the world's busiest bridges in terms of vehicle traffic. b

60. The city consists of five distinct boroughs. b

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