Saturday, August 26, 2006

Faces of Katrina exhibit open at Artspace, 710 Texas

Upstairs at Artspace
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Please enjoy the Faces of Katrina art projects downstairs at Artspace. They were developed and written by me with the aid of project manager Wendy Benscoter.

Please sample:
* Silent Gallery Investigation - SGI
* Poetry from a Top Hat
* A tale of New Orleans
* Paper Parthenon
* Rauschenberg Collage
* Newscast Katrina
* Repousse works
* New Orleans celebrity masks
* Second Lining
* Parade umbrella

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Quiz 2 / Walt Disney Concert Hall, etc.

1. What concert facility in Shreveport is comparable in size - number of seats - to Disney Hall? b) Spt Civic Theater
2. What was the result of the mismanagement of the Disney Hall project?
b) 16 year elapsed time
3. Who was the originator of the Disney Hall project?
b) Lillian Disney
4. Compare the cost of the Disney Hall ($274M) to the cost of Pirates of the Caribbean ($250M).
c) Both are great entertainments that will draw viewers for a long time.
5. Frank Gehry buildings are to be found in Chicago, Seattle (and many more USA cities) and in __.
a) Spain
6. Academic writers think of Gehry’s designs as
b) deconstructivist
7. In what way might we be able to compare the Eiffel Tower, Paris, with the EMP, Seattle?
Both were a) not in harmony with their surroundings
8. Gehry, says, cares less about budgetary and time restraints than he does about the beauty of his finished product. False
9. On the map of New Orleans, find one area that was not entirely flooded. d) Uptown.
10. The name of the source for the New Orleans / Katrina map:
c) Times Picayune

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