Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week of Aug 21 - 25: Katrina revisited

Almost one year ago our lives were touched - in numerous ways - by the storm, flood and displacement produced by Hurricane Katrina.

This week in geo class we will revisit New Orleans, Katrina and the Louisiana coastline.

Mon: Walt Disney Concert Hall project
Tu: California map quizzes (hand-sketched California - 10 idents - and one city - 5 idents).
Katrina quiz, NO maps, timeline of K.
Wed: NO demographics, history
Th: Open notes quiz
Fri: Guest speaker will be Dr. Rob Weber, pastor of Grace Community United Methodist Church. Topic: Hurricane katrina, via video and student readings. Parents invited.

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Hutch Jackson said...

Hello Mr. Trudeau. I went down to New Orleans 3 weeks after Katrina hit.(I was helping my aunt gut her house).It looked like a war zone. This summer i went back down to New Orleans to help my aunt out some more, and it still, the whole city, looks like a warzone. Me and my aunt drove threw the most damaged areas of New Orleans. In some places the water got 19 ft high. One house was completely demolished by the force of the water breaking a levy. In my opinion, the main problem New Orleans is facing right now is that their just isnt enough people that want to work down there. I went to a Denny's where some of the waiters doubled as cooks. And Burger King is willing to pay 10 dollars an hour with bons pay and overtime, just to take people's order threw the drive through. Anyway, i just thought i should leave a coment on this subject since no one else has yet. And i think my sister has some pretty good photos of New Orleans 3 weeks after Katrina if you would like to see them. See you monday, 4th hour.

#1 epee-ist said...

Hey Mr. trudeau. how ya doing? my mom chechs your blog EVERY day. i just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that i'm checking the website. MAGNET FENCING RULES!!!

dylan zepeda

SusanP182 said...

Thanks for using my PHOTO from FLICKR.Just noticed it had been blogged.New Orleans is still a mess in some places.