Monday, August 21, 2006

Hear Hurricane Katrina observer Dr. Rob Weber, CMHS parent, in C4 on Fri, Aug 25 (all classes)

Guest speaker Dr. Rob Weber will show his video on the impact of Katrina to all my classes Fri, Aug 25. Parents are invited.

Weber's script based on interviews with Katrina survivors will be read aloud by several students.

Weber is founder and pastor of Grace Community United Methodist Church and a nationally published author, speaker, video artist and storyteller. He has a BA in theater and philosophy, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry in Communication and leadership for the 21st Century.

I am delighted that this CMHS parent is able to share his background with us. He will speak to 1st hour at 8:30, to 2nd hr, 9:30, 3rd hr, 10:30, to 4th hr at 12:25 and to 6th hr at 1:30.

Call 861-6809 if you have questions.


Not_Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds fun. He sounds like a really cool guy! :P

brooke hightower said...


I DONT REALLY GET THE ASSIGNMENT That we have to make to night of the walt disney hall.... can u help me?????