Thursday, August 31, 2006

Almost all the questions & answers to the Thurs Katrina quiz were posted last Sun. Hm.

Juggling Dunce
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If you're reading this website, terrific. But you might want to read it a bit more carefully. Last Sunday I posted a practice quiz on the Katrina handout - with answers. In a pinch I decided to use it today as the Thurs quiz. Only one student of my 144 showed evidence of having noticed the similarities.

Curiously, I noticed that top students had copies of mondotrudeau. I was delighted. If they'd read the material in their hands they would have aced the game.

In a quest to up the readership of the class blog I've decided to use questions that have already appeared on the site in each week's quiz.

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magnolia_mer said...

You should point out to them that even former students from 16 years ago read this site. Ouch!