Saturday, August 26, 2006

Week of Aug 28 - Sept 1

Barrio francés
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Week of Aug 28 - Sept 1

“What I Learned” thank you note / essay to Dr. Rob Weber, guest speaker on Katrina and communications. 6 pts.

Hand-sketched map quiz, the Crescent City, 8 pts.

* Comparing New Orleans and San Francisco
* Comparing Hurricane Katrina to the Mississippi River Flood of 1927

Open notes, multiple-choice quiz on Katrina-related materials. (15 pts)

Fr. Project on paper: the European-style Vieux Carre Creole townhouse model and terminology.

Independent work for bonus credit -

Read and otherwise research and follow the comparison essay guidelines as you write (Typed only):

* Comparing two of America's smaller, historic cities - such as Boston & Charleston, or New Orleans & Memphis.

* Comparing the architecture and history of New Orleans Vieux Carre and Barcelona, Spain's, Barrio Gotico.

* Comparing the impact of Spain's horses on the New World to the impact of New World foodstuffs on the European world - including chili peppers, vanilla, chocolatl, corn, etc.

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