Thursday, August 31, 2006

Louisiana's wetlands: Marvin Flood Vs Syreeta Subsidence

Yin Yang
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Louisiana’s wetlands loss / National Geographic
Marvin Flood Vs Syreeta Subsidence, a sort of yin and yang . . .

* subsidence is the settling of of the delta and coastal regions.
* subsidence: an extreme example is a sink hole (Fl, Tx, Ca).
* subsidence is exacerbated by a) industry b) drought
c) lack of replenishing floodwaters.
* subsidence is balanced by flooding, the ancient force centered in river valleys.
* aguifers (underground reservoirs) balance the land's tendency to subsidence.
* aquifers are replenished by a) the water cycle b) underground water channels that link aquifers.
* CMHS campus is adjacent to old river channels established when the Red R was clogged with the Great Raft. Ex, Pierre Bayou.
* study of sediment, alluvial soil, subsidence, etc, is geology.
* hydrology is the study of water and its ways.
* Venice, Italy, was built on marshy land between canals; has been a victim of subsidence. (See other cities named Venice in Ca, La, Fl.)
- Sediment carried downstream by the Miss R goes into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico instead of helping build the coastline.
- Alluvial soil flows to the gulf because flooding is inhibited by man-made structures called __. A; levees (French, lever, to “raise up.”)

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